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Easy Meals

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Healthy Family MealWhen you sit down and think about what you did today, often times it is a blur because of how busy you are. For others, preparing meals for your family may be the highlight of your day. When developing our all natural products, the team at Papa George’s wanted to focus on providing our customers with healthy food options regardless of the pace of their lifestyle.

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Enter The Papa George’s Recipe Contest

Contest Winning MealsAre you a fan of Papa George’s healthy and delicious lamb and pork products? Have you been using Papa George’s products in some of your favorite recipes? If so, you can enter the Papa George’s Recipe Contest to let other Papa George’s fans in on your favorite way to prepare our wide variety of prepared food products.

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Healthy Eating On the Go

Healthy Prepaired FoodsDo you feel like you are on the go from the minute you get up in the morning until the time you lay your head down at night to go to sleep? This fast paced lifestyle is becoming more common because of so many obligations that individuals commit to. If you and your family are running all over town most days, what are you doing for meals? Although fast food may be enticing and easy, relying on this type of food regularly is not very healthy.

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Embrace Taste (Even in a Rush)

Savor TasteFood should do more than just provide us with the nutrition and energy we need to live. Food goes well beyond mere sustenance to become something that is savored, relished and around which many memories are made.

Reality is, other than for special occasions, most of us don’t often have or take the time to plan elaborate meals. We’re happy to get food on the table between events, activities or other responsibilities.
That doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice taste.

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100% Pure American Meat Products

All Natural SausageLet’s face it, dinner time can be so hard these days. Listen, some days it’s okay to not have everything together. Not every meal has to be perfect. If telling your children that you are going to have a picnic and throwing some slices of cheese on a plate in the living room floor is the only thing that you can do to survive, there is no shame here! Some days it’s just hard. Fortunately, not every day has to be like that.

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